The Age of With

The Age of With
Intelligent Automation

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Robots are taking a lot of criticism these days. Seen as job thieves, they are threatening workers with redundancy and with Artificial Intelligence on the rise, the perceived threat only becomes worse.

The popular fear reads like a narrative straight out of a classic science fiction novel: Could these thinking machines begin to decide that humans are superfluous?


But we have misjudged robots. We should put our prejudice aside and welcome the robots – especially the thinking ones.


As automation strategies evolves, organizations are beginning to integrate automation technologies more seamlessly into the workforce. The digital worker concept of intelligent automation working as a virtual colleague is spreading; the move towards humans working hand in hand with automation is happening. And it is happening now.


Intelligent automation technologies not only enable organizations to transform business processes and achieve higher speed and precision – they can also automate predictions and decisions on the basis of structured and unstructured inputs.


The combination of human and artificial intelligence implies far-reaching change in the way we structure our organizations. But the transition is not trivial.


Come and hear how we can re-imagine automation with a human focus.


Target group: CxO, Digital Transformation leaders, Head of Automation, Business Development leaders


Key takeways


How organization are moving from Human vs. Machine to Human with Machine


What are the benefits of using Intelligent Automation


How to move from purely RPA to Intelligent Automation


What skills will be needed in the future by human employees


Time and place:



01/04/2020 | 11:00-11:30


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Servio Carbrera

Servio is a Senior Manager in the Deloitte Analytics and Cognitive practice in Denmark. He helps organizations transform their business processes with the use of intelligent automation and digital tools like RPA and AI. He works across industries and help small to large multinational organizations in their automation journey.

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Jørgen Steines

Jørgen is a Partner in the Deloitte Analytics and Cognitive practice in Denmark. He advises on the enormous potential that exist in the use of many different types of automation technologies, and has been responsible for a number of automation projects covering both RPA, AI, business rules engines and chatbots.