AI-based text analysis

Make sense of your company’s unstructured data

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Content is king – or so the doctrine says. However, you may argue that content alone no longer does the trick as we are up to our eyes in content, and thus an understanding of context is increasingly required. A more modern wording may therefore be: content + context = king.


Human beings are the most intelligent living organisms on Earth, but we often lose out when we have to get an overall view of even small amounts of data. However, there is a solution. By the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and NLP-based text analysis, we can create an overview of the context of the previously immeasurable data mess.


In this Grab’n Go session, we will take you to the land of data and show you how AI technology helps Danish and foreign companies create an overview of and an insight into unstructured data sets focusing especially on data in text format. An overview that can help improve, for example, customer service and case processing times and identify new insight.



Target group: Everybody who would like to learn about the trends within artificial intelligence, and everybody who would like to get examples of how, for instance, text analysis and automation can improve processes and decisions in companies.




Key takeaways


Insight into selected cases and inspiration as to how artificial intelligence and text analysis can be used.

Knowledge of essential things that companies should know before venturing into advanced text analysis on a large scale.

Knowledge of the advantages of advanced text analysis and which pitfalls to be aware of.

Time and place:



13/11/2018 | 09:30-10:00




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Jacob Bock Axelsen

Jacob (PhD in physics) is a data scientist. On a day-to-day basis, he works in Danish companies and organisations with the implementation of cognitive algorithms such as machine learning, deep learning and other applied mathematical modelling. Jacob has experience with automation of the analysis of natural texts and images.

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Henrik Toft

Henrik is part of IBM’s European CTO team. He assists IBM’s clients and partners with defining and reaping the business potential of using IBM’s innovative technologies, including the portfolio of Watson solutions.