Cyber threat intelligence and incident response

How do you defend yourself on the digital battlefield?


The digital revolution has generated new battlefields where companies fight daily battles against cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers who do everything to infiltrate companies’ networks and steal confidential corporate information.


Concurrently with the technological development these criminals are becoming even better at breaking through the companies’ defence barriers faster and to a higher degree unobserved. This has resulted in the fact that cybercrime now represents the biggest threat against companies today and thus is a business matter holding the entire business management team responsible.


In order to match the threat it is decisive that the companies are able to handle change and build digital defensive structures that make them capable of minimising the cyber threats facing the companies today.


In this Grab’n Go session we visit the digital battlefield and investigate how companies can defend themselves against evil-minded hackers by using cyber threat intelligence (CTI), and why companies that have a proven incident response plan are way ahead of companies that have not yet prepared for potential cyberattacks. Last but not least, we take a look at specific examples and explain how your company can prevent an approaching cyberattack by using CTI and by having clearly defined intelligence needs.


Target group: CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, CIOs, managers in charge of IT and IT security, risk and intellectual property.




Key takeaways


        • How CTI can improve your company’s risk management and decision-making processes. 

        • How you become at the leading edge of cyberthreats and minimise your company’s risk of getting hit by a future cyberattack. 

        • Why cyberthreats and cybercrime are business matters holding the entire business management team responsible and not just the managers in charge.


        • Why it is necessary to have a proactive security approach rather than a reactive approach.

Time and place:



13/11/2018 | 09:30-10:00


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Thomas Thomasen

Thomas is a cyberthreat intelligence specialist and has extensive experience with intelligence analysis with a special focus on tactical and strategic intelligence information about groups representing advanced and persistent threats.