Cyber and information security

Chief executives: take up the battle against the hackers 


Like a thief in the night… citizens’ data has been stolen. Huge media coverage. Responsibility needs to be placed. You can imagine the rest. 


In Denmark, we are world champions of public digitalisation. On the other hand, we rank as low as 34 when it comes to the protection of citizens’ data. This has prompted more stringent requirements regarding cybersecurity and information security and has resulted in the fact that the cybersecurity and information security responsibility is now placed with the executive board and the executive committee. But what role does the chief executives play in the battle against the hackers? 


In this Grab’n Go session, you will be inspired on what to do as a chief executive in order to protect your organisation against cyberthreats. We will focus on strategy and execution and touch on security governance. Furthermore, we will describe the relationship between threats, vulnerability and maturity when preparing a risk profile. Participate in this session if you want to learn more about how chief executives in the public sector can take up the battle against the hackers. 


Target group: Chief executives in the public sector (directors, deputy directors, heads of department and others).






Key takeaways


        • How cybersecurity can become a competitive advantage for Denmark.

      • What the executive team can do to involve the entire organisation in the journey towards increased cybersecurity. 

        • How the executive team can make a methodical assessment of the level of ambition and the risk level. 

        • Description of the executive team’s role and responsibilities when it comes to cybersecurity and information security. 

Time and place:



21/09/2018 | 09:30-10.00


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Christian Wernberg-Tougaard

Christian is a director in Deloitte and responsible for cybersecurity and information security. He has more than 20 years of experience with the public sector and the IT industry, and he has assisted a number of governments with public digitalisation, information security and privacy.