Insight-driven organisations

Run your company on data and release its full potential


In a constantly changing and uncertain world, the management’s experience and intuition are important elements but not sufficient to run a company on the basis of. Many companies have realised the necessity of being able to make operational decisions based on valuable data-driven insights. These companies are called insight-driven organisations (IDOs), and it is an area of business in rapid development both on a global and national scale.


There is a good reason for that. In 2020 an expected 1.7 MB new information will be created per second per human being on Earth. Information that, if used correctly, may be the key to making the right strategic choices for companies now and in the future. In other words, the transformation to become an insight-driven company is a must if you wish to strengthen your customer relations and if you want the full potential of your company to be released.


But what does the transformation journey require, how do you become an insight-driven company, and how do you commence the expedition requiring dedicated employees, changeable processes, usage of hidden data and new technologies? At this Grab’n Go session we will introduce the basic concepts behind an insight-driven organisation (IDO). We will explain the concepts by looking into cases from the real world that show how global companies combine their strengths within finance, data insights and the future data analytics to make their company more cost-effective, establish a new and strengthened customer experience and generate growth in the business.


Target group: CXOs, including CFOs, CIOs, CDOs, COOs and CMOs, sales, marketing and finance executives as well as business insights managers and data and analytics managers.





Key takeaways


        • Real-life examples from a company illustrating how the company works with integrating advanced insights. 

        • Why the finance department is an important driver behind the setup of an IDO, and how to utilise the strengths among employees with financial knowledge and insights. 

        • How the underlying perspectives and considerations of becoming an IDO fit with exiting digitalisation, data and analytics initiatives. 

Time and place:



25/10/2018 | 09:30-10:00


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Nicolai Lachmann

Nicolai Lachmann is a Partner with Deloitte and has worked with transformation in financial services for more than 20 years both as a line manager in large international companies like Barclays and Citibank as well as in consulting.

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Peder Pedersen

Peder is specialised in utilising information as a strategic asset and in optimising and transforming data organisations. Furthermore, Peder is the head of Deloitte’s service line Analytics & Information Management and part of Deloitte’s global IDO leads.