What is up and down in agile from a finance point of view?

Financing agile
What is up and down in agile from a finance point of view?

(This session is held in English)


Is the age of agility truly upon us, or is agile just another business hype primed for sudden death?


The simple answer is yes to both.


Firstly, new and better ways of working with the ever-growing task of developing new products and services – and changing the business – have been discovered. And they are not likely to go away. So yes, agile is truly upon us.


Secondly, agile is often being misrepresented as the silver bullet to end all problems. It is not. And it doesn’t make sense to use it everywhere and for everything. So yes, agile is also a hype.


Looking at agile from the perspective of finance, a couple of questions stands out:


• Will agile force the business to accept less control, increased risk or reduced transparency?

• Does the agile model require or suggest that the entire enterprise change?


Join us as we call upon our experts to answer these questions and discuss some of the key issues of agile that should be on every CFO’s agenda.


We will explain the facts of agile without the hype; we will kill some of the most widespread myths about agile and show how the agile model operates in large enterprises. And we will help you to cut through the noise and guide your organization to make healthy decisions and invest smarter in agile.


Target group: Finance management and IT management


Key takeways


Agile is all about business outcome and value. But how do you define and measure it?


How do you plan, budget and fund agile development?

How do you measure and monitor performance in the agile development model?


Time and place:



12/05/2020 | 11:00-11:30


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Peter Grydgaard

Peter has 10+ years of consulting experience across all industries working with design and implementation of financial management models. He is an expert within technology business management (TBM) and financial management models and leads our local TBM implementation practice as well as the Danish practice within cost and profitability management in Deloitte Consulting.

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Kristian Hessler

Kristian is a Director in Deloitte Consulting in Denmark. Having worked with business simplification and agility for more than 10 years and having been at the forefront of tackling the challenges of adopting agile in large organizations, Kristian is a leading expert in integrating agile with the surrounding enterprise.