2020 Global Human Capital Trends

2020 Global Human Capital Trends 

(This session is held in English)


Every year, Deloitte asks thousands of business leaders from all over the world about the most pressing human capital trends and challenges in their organizations.


In this session, Deloitte’s Human Capital leaders will present key findings from our 2020 global trends survey. You will hear about how business leaders can navigate the most critical challenges and how you can address the following issues:


•    Creating a sense of belonging: One of the most significant aspects of leading in the 21st century in creating a sense of belonging to the organization.

•    Leveraging and managing “alternative” workforces: The alternative workforce can be a long-term solution to tight talent markets - but only if treated strategically.


2020 marks the 10th annual Global Human Capital Trends report. We will use this year’s survey to gather insights looking back over the past ten years of trends and forward to the year 2030 and the megatrends shaping the future.


Target group: Business leaders and HR professionals – and everyone interested in Human Capital trends


Key takeaways


How to address the issue of creating a sense of belonging; one of the most important aspects of leading in the 21st century

How to leverage and manage “alternative” workforces; an essential skill to business growth in the years ahead

How the role of HR is changing and becoming even more important than today



Registration for this session starts 23/3-20


Time and place:


Deloittehuset, Weidekampsgade 6, 2300 Copenhagen S.

05/05/2020 | 08:30-10:00



05/05/2020 | 11:00-11:30


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Christina Burgwald

Christina is a partner in Deloitte and leads the Human Capital department. She has extensive experience with organisational transformations at management and employee level.

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Jass Dhanoa

Jass leads the Next Gen HR Transformation team in Denmark and brings international and cross-industry experience in his advisory roles. Jass' primary focus is to help Human Capital clients navigate future disruptions and activate a shift towards enhanced and optimised HR service delivery.