Mergers & acquisitions

How to gain value from M&A

(This session is held in English)


For many companies, M&A transactions are strategic way to disrupt and transform themselves to strengthen their product portfolio, gain the benefits from economies of scale or simply get ahead in the digital game. And M&A may be a game changer. But conducting an acquisition is also one of the most important decisions that a company can make; one that will affect the company for years to come. So, you better get it right. Yet, almost two thirds of all M&A transactions globally fail to deliver the synergies and value envisioned, and one in four acquisitions results in diminished value.


The major culprit is integration. You have settled on your strategy. You have conducted your due diligence. And once the deal is signed and sealed, it is all happy days and champagne in the boardroom. And that is where it starts to go wrong.


Learn how to approach your M&A transactions end-to-end to get the integration right and realise the synergies envisioned, what to expect in terms of synergies, and which problems to expect if you fail to follow up on realising the value envisioned.


Target group:

Executive and senior management in private and public companies that conduct acquisitions as a key element in their strategy.





Key takeaways


Learn how to approach your M&A end-to-end to realise the value envisioned

Learn how to get the integration and the costs right

Learn more about which problems to expect if you fail to follow up on realising the value


Time and place:


Weidekampsgade 6, 2300 Copenhagen S.

02/10/2019 | 08:30-10:00



03/10/2019 | 11:30-12:00


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Mikkel Boe

Mikkel Boe is a partner at Deloitte Consulting as well as the Nordic lead for Deloitte’s M&A consulting services, covering areas such as M&A strategy, commercial and operational due diligence, synergy assessment, carve-out, separation and postmerger integration. Mikkel has many years of experience within end-to-end M&A from both the buyer’s point of view as well as the seller’s point of view.