The future is quantum

The future is quantum
How quantum computing will impact future business models

(This session is held in English)


Quantum computing is not only rising on the horizon. It is approaching fast. And while robust solutions from tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are still a few years away, it is time to understand the transformative power Quantum Computing will bring.


Quantum technology is expected to completely revolutionize the power of data processing. It will revolutionize business as well as our personal lives in terms of health, security and economic growth. And it will enable solutions to data-related problems that it is impossible to solve today.


What will be the impact of this new technology? And how do we prepare businesses and society to benefit from the enormous potential?


In this session, we will explore the potential of quantum computing and talk about what could be in store for us.


Key takeways


What are Quantum Computers


Business application of Quantum Computers – e.g. in chemistry, cyber security, logistics and finance


How to prepare for the supremacy of Quantum Computers



What are the perspectives of quantum computing on a societal level

Time and place:



19/05/2020 | 11:00-11:30


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Jacob Bock Axelsen

Jacob is Lead Data Scientist in Deloitte Consulting. His career includes working as theoretical biophysicist in academia and in business as bioinformatician as well as working with data science and artificial intelligence (AI) as consultant.