Making the shift from traditional IT to DevSecOps

Security at speed
Making the shift from traditional IT to DevSecOps

(This session is held in English)


IT drives change. And for years, DevSecOps has been considered the holy grail in software development that installs security at speed in the development and deployment of business-driven software solutions.


However, driving change and building a DevSecOps enabled organization is a challenge that takes longer than expected for most organizations. Often, the culprit is lack of skills and maturity, and a lack of support from senior management combined with a too narrow focus on technical aspects. It is a focus that neglects key organizational aspects like culture and "protecting the crown jewels."


By shifting the approach from a technology-centric view to a business-driven – governed by a roadmap, maturity model, and business-meaningful metrics – it is possible to install actual value throughout the transformation to a DevSecOps enabled organization.


Come and learn how to win executive support, what a roadmap could look like for your organization and how to prepare for the key challenges you will face. And get insights on learning points from clients that have succeeded with DevOps and DevSecOps.


Target group: Project Managers, CIOs, Enterprise Architects and IT Managers.


Key takeaways


Transformation roadmaps & business-meaningful metrics for DevSecOps


Approaches to changing an organizational culture


Know your challenges and how to address them


How to align ITIL and DevSecOps


Time and place:



26/05/2020 | 11:00-11:30


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Lars Rosenberg Nielsen

Lars Rosenberg Nielsen is Manager at Deloitte and Cloud Architect. With more than 18 years of experience in IT development and transformation, Lars is an experienced enterprise architect/IT Manager working in the areas of cloud architecture and implementation, DevSecOps, SOA and business processes, enterprise and back-end system integrations.

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Spyridon Maniotis