Digital DNA

Transforming around digital DNA


The world is going digital. Business is digital. And while most companies accept the need to transform their business, too many companies develop only the ocasional digital product or service. Far too few dig deeper and develop the digital organisation required to continuously innovate and develop both the inside and the outside to reap the full benefits of digitisation.


The difference lies in their digital DNA. Proper digital businesses are hardwired differently. They are organised in flexible ways and led by leaders who can handle extreme levels of uncertainty, and they attract diverse talent; not in terms of gender but in terms of how the talents solve problems. Truly digital businesses outcompete their peers by leveraging new technology and, in particular, by working and organising in new ways.


Learn what characterises the most successful digital businesses today based on Deloitte’s Digital DNA research, and how to start and succeed with your digital journey based on best practices from client cases around the world.


Target group: Executive and senior management, strategy officers, innovation officers, digital officers and decisions-makers involved in driving the digital transformation across the value chain.




Key takeways


    • Understand the difference between doing and being digital


    • Learn how to start and succeed with your digital transformation journey

    • Learn about best practices from global client cases

Get insights based on Deloitte’s global research on digital DNA.

Time and place:


Weidekampsgade 6, 2300 Copenhagen S.

08/10/2019 kl. 08:30-10:00



09/10/2019 kl. 08:30-09:00


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Camilla Alm

Camilla is serviceline leader for Deloitte’s Human Capital practice in Denmark. She is a senior transformations expert and her core competences within this fields is based on more than 15 years of experience from the private sector. She has headed up and implemented strategic projects and programs across geographies counting implementation of new IT systems and digital solutions, business transfers, organization effectiveness as well as implementation of new commercial strategies. Camilla is passionate about organisational transformation with a strong focus on value realisation.

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Anders Ørding Olsen

Anders is a manager in Deloitte Digital and specialises in digital innovation and strategy. He has several years of experience across the innovation and strategy space helping clients create new products and services, innovative platforms, as well as designing new innovation operating models, units and methodologies. He holds a Ph.D. in innovation and strategy, and is an external lecturer at the Copenhagen business School.